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Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow morning will begin day 1 of my new plan. I’m all ready to go: I’m taking my gym clothes with me to the office so I can work out during lunch, I’ve got my new heart rate monitor (the Polar FT4), which I have yet to test out, and I’m going to try to fit in a second smaller workout when I get home from work at the end of the day.

I’m super excited to try out the Polar FT4. In my entire history of going to the gym, I’ve never had an accurate view of my heart rate or calories burned. I’ve relied on what the machines I was using at the time were telling me, which I know can be notoriously deceiving.

I work as a software engineer, which means I’m chained to my desk all day, making it all the more important for me to make time for working out. I figure, I can get in a somewhat lengthy workout during lunch, as I have done in the past. I’ll aim for around 45 minutes. If I can do that and then get in a quick 30 minutes on my bike at home after work, I think that would be pretty great to start.

Tentative plan:

Monday: 40 minutes on the elliptical (lunch), 30 on the bike (after work)

Tuesday: I have a lunch meeting this day, so 30 on the bike (morning), Zumba wii (after work)

Wednesday: 40 mins. elliptical (lunch)

Thursday:  20 mins. elliptical, 20 mins upper body weights (lunch)

Friday: Zumba Wii (morning),  30 on the bike (after work)

Saturday: 40 mins. elliptical, weights (upper and lower body)

Sunday: Rest day

I will probably make some slight tweaks as the week goes on and the usual craziness of schedules starts to happen. But this sounds manageable and I need to keep my ultimate goals in mind to succeed.  I’ll be back with my first check in tomorrow!


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