Ms. Marvel Project

Day 1

Motivation is a funny thing. Last night, I was up way too late for a weeknight, dealing with some issues at home and not getting to sleep until around 1. In the past, a night like that would have deterred me from following through with a tough day like the one I had planned for myself today. Sure, I’d have been fine just doing my work and any necessary chores and errands, but the workouts and eating plan would have been thrown out the window, replaced by something more “comforting”. Not today.

I woke up and made myself a different kind of breakfast than I usually have: toast and an over-easy egg. Usually, I’ll grab myself some frosted mini wheats cereal or a packaged instant oatmeal. Both of those options are overly processed and sugared. I figured some carbs and protein would do me good to start the day – and I was right.

When I have the kind of sugary/processed breakfast that I usually do, I tend to become ravenous as early as 10:30 in the morning. Today, that didn’t happen.

I’ve eaten well all day so far and got in a 40 minute elliptical workout at the gym as planned during my lunch break. I’m really enjoying the Polar FT so far. It turns out the elliptical I used today was actually tracking my heart rate pretty well for the majority of the workout (calories too), but I loved knowing FOR SURE that I burned a certain amount.

I had some problems because of my ever-lingering cold. It’s gone for the most part, but my nose is still stuffed up and runny, and was especially at the gym. Breathing was not the easiest, but I watched my heart rate and made sure to pull back when I needed to.

I’ve also begun tracking my calories on, which has helped me in the past. It’s not something I intend to do for the long term, but while I’m getting things started, it will be something important for me to keep up with.

There are already a few key nutritional trends that I’m noticing (that I’ve noticed in the past as well) that I should work on changing.

1. More protein. I’m not doing terribly here, but I’m barely making it into the minimum recommended bracket for protein according to SparkPeople.

2. Most of my calories come toward the end of the day. Dinner is way bigger than any other meal (by a lot).

I’m going to work on fixing those two issues as the weeks go on. I’m already thinking about adding some additional calories to breakfast, either through almond butter on the toast, or 1 more egg. Being a vegetarian for the past 12 years, I have always been conscious of the protein issue, but seeing the numbers right in front of me helps a lot.

When I get home from work, I’ll be going for workout #2 of the day – the easy 30 minutes on my stationary bike.

 That’s all for now!


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