Ms. Marvel Project

Week 1

I’m doing an official weigh-in every Saturday as soon as I get out of bed. Today’s results weren’t amazing, but I think I know why:

Today’s weight: 144.4

Starting weight: 144.4

So according to the scale, I’m exactly the same as I was last week at this time. However, I have been on track all week and done tons of workouts. I believe my mistake was that yesterday I had a lot of very salty foods, and I started to bloat. I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow to see if there’s been any difference, but even if there isn’t, I’m just going to continue on. I know from my previous attempts to lose weight that it takes a WHILE for my body to actually respond. In fact, I usually only see weight loss one week a month, at a certain time.

In other news, I picked up my new car today and got to drive it around a little. It’s awesome! And the sound system in the car sounds incredible so I can just see myself making up excuses to drive just to listen to music.


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