Ms. Marvel Project

Week 2, Day 1

Today marks the official start of week 2 of the Ms. Marvel Project, meaning it’s time to lay out a tentative plan for the week ahead. It’s already mid-day so I’ve done my workout for the day (50 minutes on the elliptical during lunch), and it went excellently. I was feeling the usual Monday morning blahs before I went and didn’t know how great I would do in that kind of mood, but once I got going, things completely turned around.

I can tell I’m getting into better shape now because my heart rate doesn’t go up so high as easily anymore and I’m able to up the resistance on the elliptical more than last week.

Yesterday was my second “off” day of the week, though I was not completely inactive: before bed, D and I did some free weights and then a yoga DVD. The DVD helped us relax a ton before going to bed, which was much needed since sleep is always so difficult on Sunday nights.

Something that always helps me stay on track is to plan my dinners in advance, so here’s the (very tentative) meal plan for the week:


Monday: Quesadillas
Tuesday: Pasta side
Wednesday: Veggie Burger (Regular burger for D)
Thursday: Dinner out w/a friend  <– This will be a challenge to find something healthy at a restaurant.
Friday: Pasta
Saturday: Stir Fry
Sunday: Baked tofu (Baked chicken for D)


In other news, I weighed myself on the scale at the gym today and got a vastly different number than I did on Saturday morning. I came in at 141.8, which is down 2.6 pounds, but I’m not sure if I can believe it yet, since it’s a different scale and it seems pretty drastic for 2 days difference. Even still, it is encouraging to see that things may be changing after all.


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