Ms. Marvel Project

Ups and Downs

This week, it was much harder to stick to the plan than last week, which is not that surprising considering enthusiasm for a new project tends to die down over time. In fact, in my previous attempts to make-over my fitness and eating habits, the second and third weeks have proven to be the toughest. For the most part, I still stuck to what I had set out to do this week, with a few minor splurges here and there. A few confessions:

– I had wine 3 nights this week (1 – 1.5 glasses each time). While that doesn’t seem like a ton, it’s still extra calories, and they have proven recently that alcohol really does slow down weight loss.

– Wednesday was an incredibly difficult day, motivationally. Wednesdays are always hard because it’s the halfway point in the week, I’m tired, and we have a standing obligation Wednesday¬† nights after work. To make matters worse, the weather was disgusting that day (torrential downpours and gale force winds), and I woke up in a bad mood. When we got home Wednesday night at around 8, I wanted something off-plan for dinner¬† and nothing was going to stop me. We ended up ordering takeout, and I ate something with way more calories than I should have and instantly regretted it.

Being that it’s Saturday morning, I’ve worked out 4 days this week so far, which is a victory. I’m planning another workout today to round out the week. The meal plan I prepared on Monday sort of went out the window. I need to remember when I’m doing these plans that I like variety and eating the same old thing over and over again will sort of make me insane, and it will drive me to get takeout. Maybe it’s time to do some recipe research.

My official weigh in today: 143.6 –> down .8 pounds from last Saturday.

The frustrating thing? Yesterday morning I weighed 142.6. I think I’m going to change official weigh-in day from Saturday morning to Friday morning going forward.

It’s time for me to wake up over here and get moving with my day. Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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