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Where’s your Halloween spirit?

Today is Halloween, and yet it seems to be just another regular old day. I’m not doing anything special tonight, I don’t have any hidden hordes of chocolatey sweets, and there’s no costume to speak of. Halloween has never been something that I’ve taken a great deal of interest in, but I at least look forward to the candy. This year, I didn’t even realize until just this afternoon that I’m actually a little bit sad that the holiday has come and will go with very little fanfare. Sure, D and I have spent almost every night during the month of October watching the scariest movies we can get our hands on, but that’s been the extent of it. I miss having occasions like this to look forward to and celebrate. I brought this up on a phone call to D during lunch and we decided that next year, this will all change.

As for tonight, I think we will pull out another scary movie (hopefully the scariest yet), maybe turn down the lights and light a few candles for a spookier mood and who knows… if we’re lucky maybe we can get a little bit of Halloween candy.

In other news, I’ve started the week off right with my workout routine. Yesterday, I jumped on the exercise bike for a full hour and today I got up at 6:30 and did Zumba Wii. I put it on expert mode for the first time today and while some of the dances were really hard to pick up on the first run through, others came much more easily to me than I expected. I think I’m really starting to like it!

D has been encouraging me to look up Zumba classes in the area and while I’d love to do something like that, I don’t think wintertime is a great time to make another after work committment. A few years back, I took a yoga class about 15-20 minutes away from my apartment and the “semester” lasted from September through mid-December. For the first month or so, everything was good, but soon we were changing the clocks, it was pitch black out at 4PM and absolutely freezing. I would get out of work, come home to change and I would have to literally drag my butt out of the house into the cold, unforgiving night, alone, and I didn’t really enjoy it much at all. I’d end up dreading the class for that reason alone. Perhaps springtime or summer of next year is a better time to take up a new activity.

A few goals for myself for the week:

1. No alcohol Tuesday through Friday. I’m allowing myself some tonight if I feel like it – it is a “special occasion” after all.

2. Commit to a few new recipes for lunches/dinners

I’ll add some additional updates to this list if I come up with any more, but I want to keep things manageable while I’m still easing into breaking some of my bad habits.

That’s all for now!


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