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Shoe news

As I mentioned on Thursday, one of my goals for the weekend was to find myself some new running shoes. I went out to on my lunch break on Friday and found a really good pair of Nikes that fit my criteria: they weren’t bulky, they were light and they felt comfortable without weighing my feet down.

My new Nikes, except mine are purple

However, when I tried them out on Saturday during my workout, there was one problem that I’m hoping will go away once I break in the shoes: the back of the sneaker rubs up against the back of my ankle and left me with a blister on each by the end of the afternoon. I’ve had this problem with so many shoes, sneaker or not, throughout my life and almost every time, once I get used to the shoes, it stops happening. Another thing I might need to look into is finding some better/thicker socks to protect my skin a little better.

In some better news, I got the week started on the right foot this morning by waking up early for Zumba Wii. Oddly, today it was actually difficult for me to get my heart rate up to its usual workout level. I must be getting stronger, if that’s the case, so I will take it as a good thing. Now I just have to find a way to push myself even harder to keep the calorie burn high.

Has anyone else ever had the problem with sneakers causing blisters on the backs of your ankles? Any tips on how to “break in” shoes a little faster?



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