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Setting goals

What is it about Sundays that make it so hard to find motivation? I’m sure I’ve written about this phenomenon before, but it really is uncanny that every single Sunday ends up with this vibe. I was somewhat productive today – I got up at a reasonable hour and did 1 hour on the bike, rounding out my 4 workouts of the week. Then I worked on a project I’m undertaking to scan in all the pictures I took when I was a child/teenager. There are so many books and this has been on my list of to-dos for a while to make sure that these pictures are preserved no matter what. However, I’m going to be working on this for a long, long time so hopefully I can just chip away at it every now and then.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week was a little heavy on the fast food and it’s showing on the scale now. For the coming week, I’ve written out a meal plan and a few goals for the week. The goals are:

1. No alcohol until Friday night
2. No snacking after dinner until Saturday night
3. No more than 1 dinner out
4. No more than 1 lunch out

I think #1 and #2 will be the most challenging because when I get home from work after a long, stressful day, I just want to relax with some food and drink, but I know that if I want to reach my goals, I have to make some sacrifices.

What are your goals for the week?


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