Ms. Marvel Project

Halfway through NabloPoMo

Today marks the halfway point of NaBloPoMo. I have to say, it’s been challenging to find something to post about everyday without descending into random ramblings. But, so far so good! I haven’t missed a day yet (knock on wood), even though things have been getting hectic with the approaching holidays and D’s car problems.

To add more insanity to the mix, D’s birthday is also coming up at the beginning of December so the buying frenzy has begun.

To update you on my progress with the Ms. Marvel Project: Yesterday I woke up early to Zumba and had tons of fun. I’m really getting the hang of expert mode and I love the songs. I’m being a lot stricter this week (as I mentioned in my weekly goals post) about snacking and other things and so far, I haven’t cheated at all (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday), though there have been temptations. I’ve been doing this for well over a month now and have seen little to no progress on the scale, so something eating-wise has to change.


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