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Thanksgiving Prep

What are you doing to prepare for Thanksgiving?

For me, I’m just trying to make it through 2 full days of work at the office followed by one work-from-home day on Wednesday. D and I might also be doing some baking so we can take desserts to our respective families, and simultaneously and unrelated to Thanksgiving, I’m trying to finish up a few, very large, personal projects:

1. A few weeks ago, I got the idea that it might be nice to have all of my old pictures scanned into my computer. When I was a kid, roughly from the age of 10 until about 13 or 14, I took pictures ALL THE TIME. I have books and books of them, and in some ways, it feels like those years are forever documented and preserved. I’ve often thought about what would happen if any sort of disaster ever befell those pictures and it’s not a pretty thought.

On top of that, I’d really like to create a photo book on Shuttefly for my parents for Christmas. It will be a mixture of these extremely old school pictures and some newer ones, already at my disposal thanks to the age of digital cameras. It’s turning into a huge project. I already have over 400 pictures scanned and at least 3 or 4 large books left to go.

2. I’m working on an epically long writeup of our Disney World vacation. I’ve been working on this since October, but took a very long break and now I’m at it again. I want to write down all the memories I have from the trip before they leave or fade. I’ve currently covered the first day we were there and the morning of the second day and I’m already over 5000 words. I guess I can’t do anything small, huh?

3. I’m also trying to learn a new coding language for work and possibly for my own projects. I have some ideas to try to start my own website or start building something for D’s future book.

All that on top of the usual holiday craziness and I have plenty to keep me busy!

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