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Short and sweet

Today is the last day in the office before the few days off we have for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to get out of here!

D and I have been playing a lot of old school Sega games for the past few days. We have a PS3 game that has something like 100 different Sega games from back in the day, and we’ve been having a ton of fun together playing it. My favorites so far are Sonic (I, II, and III) and Columns, which is like a Tetris game. Of course I played Sonic a long time ago when we had a Sega at home, but I never really played any of the other games on the disc. D is having a lot of fun reminiscing, since most of these games were ones he played as a kid. Sometimes it can be really cool to go back through time via a video game, or a song or tv show for that matter.

That’s my update from now… short and sweet!

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