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Getting into the holiday spirit

3 more work days until Christmas!

I’m currently with D at the dentist while he gets a bad tooth checked out, so I’m writing this post from my phone. It’s my first time attempting a phone post so I’m not sure how smoothly it will go.

As of yesterday I decided to move my blog from to, simply because commenting on other peoples blogs and getting responses back was not going as smoothly as it could have been. Also, I’m finding that wordpress has some nice options that blog didn’t (even though I know blog is powered by wordpress).

I decided to join a Monday blog hop to help get my new url out there and it’s a cool one, so you might think about joining too:

The prompt was about holiday travel and I’m happy to say that this year I am doing none! I will just be driving between a few closeby cities to visit my family and D’s.

How about you?

December 19, 2011 Posted by | Blogging, Life | 2 Comments