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Bringing back the official weigh in

After posting yesterday, I thought to myself: Why not bring back Saturday weigh ins? I think it’ll be nice to have weekly accountability on the blog, so here are this week’s results.

This week’s weight: 145.4
Goal weight: 130
Starting weight: 146.8

Difference: -1.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 15.4

Looking at the numbers actually makes me feel better about things, because there’s actual progress there!

Last night, D and I did some furniture rearranging in the apartment. We bought a new TV stand for the game room so that we could move our old flat screen in there. It involved moving the old TV stand out of there, putting the new one in with the new TV and then taking the old TV stand and putting it into our bedroom and finding room in a closet for the old dinosaur TV that was previously in the game room. The whole project was a workout in itself and now our rooms look nicer and are more functional.

Today we went to the gym first thing in the morning, but the workout was TOUGH. It’s been really cold and windy here lately and as a result, everyone has been blasting the heat indoors. This made for some extremely dry air inside the gym, making it hard to breathe and causing my nose to be incredibly stuffed up. I guess that’s one of the hard things about being in the depths of winter.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

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