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Too much takeout

Today has been a bit of a weird day so far, and certainly hasn’t gone according to plan. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I was going to do was head on over to the gym. However, D had a stomachache and we were planning to go together, not to mention the fact that something started sounding weird in his car on the way home from work last night and we had to fit in some time to take the car in today.

Instead of going to the gym, we took both our cars all the way to Sears, where we wandered the mall for an hour and a half while they took a look and did an oil change. Turns out, there’s a pretty major repair that needs to be done and he’ll be without a car until Monday. By the time we got home it was after 3, meaning we were gone for 4 hours and the day was half over. I’m not sure I’ll be making it to the gym today, but I may at least try to get on the bike. We’ll see.

This week was pretty heavy on take out, and I’m really feeling it now. We got takeout for dinner last Sunday, which then transferred over into many leftover lunches throughout the week, plus I had a lunch meeting at work where they served us Panera, and we got takeout from a local pizza place one night. That’s a bit much as far as calories are concerned. So, next week, I’m going to set a goal for myself of no more than 1 dinner out and 1 lunch out.

I’m also going to try to make myself a meal plan for the week, since I always do better when I have a plan in place. Our kitchen is stocked after a major couple of shopping trips this week so I should have no excuse.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and productive Saturday!


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Food Network Addiction?

It feels like spring today! The weather got warmer and the air smells nice… it was hard to drag myself into the office this morning because I just wanted to enjoy what was going on outside. I know the days are limited now because winter is set to strike at any moment (and already has struck a few times this fall), so I’m really appreciating this last bit of niceness.

I ended up working from home for half the day today because not much was happening at the office. As I usually do when I’m home for the day, I put on the Food Network and let it play in the background for the entire day. I’ve been addicted to the Food Network for as long as I can remember. I suppose it makes sense… I love food, I like to cook and it’s just plain old fun to watch. However, I’ve been wondering lately if this constant watching of food is sabotaging my diet.

Let’s face it, staring at delicious baked goods, veggies and dinners makes you want to eat. It just does. I’ll often see Ina or Giada prepare a savory dinner that makes me drool and I’ll immediately go to the fridge looking for something, anything, that will even in the remotest way compare to what they made.

Perhaps, if I wasn’t surrounded by images of food all day, I’d be less likely to crave the things that are bad for me. Food for thought I suppose.


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Baking and Disney World

I haven’t gotten to post any pics on the blog yet, so I’m making up for it today! Yesterday, I decided to bake up some peanut butter cookie dough balls, courtesy of the Peas and Thank You cookbook. They came out deliciously and even though D was a big hesitant at first, since the recipe came from a vegan cookbook, he loved them.

Before going in the oven...

All done and ready to eat...

I’d highly recommend whipping these up if you have the book. Delicious!

Before I started this blog, D and I took a big vacation to Disney World (I mentioned this in some of my first entries). At some point, I’ll add a few stories from our trip, but for now, here are a few pics from our adventures:

Epcot - the view from World Showcase

Disney Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror (we were too scared to go on lol)

The castle at Magic Kingdom

Some palm trees the day we left Florida

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