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Sunday thoughts

This is the first day of NaBloPoMo that I almost forgot to post! Luckily I remembered in just the nick of time and here I am. Today went much more smoothly than yesterday, in that I didn’t feel as tired and got a lot more done. I worked on some things around the house, and D and I went out for a couple of hours of shopping and errands. We checked out Nordstrom Rack for the first time and D was able to pick up a nice gift for his mother.

I had been wanting to check out Nordstrom Rack for a while since it opened by us in September, and I had heard it’s a really great place to pick up discounted designer things. They did have some great prices on things, but I really didn’t see any amazing brands, at least in the accessories department where I’d be most likely to spend my money. We were hoping to find some Coach wallets, but they didn’t have any.

Tomorrow will be the first day at the new office building, and I’m wondering how much the new office arrangement is going to affect my daily routines.

We’ll see how things go!

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Energy highs and lows

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means? It’s weigh in time over here:

Last week I weighed in at 144.6, which was definitely going in the wrong direction after the past few weeks, so I set some pretty big goals for myself for the week to get my splurging under control. And the results are in:

This week’s weight: 143.6 (down 1 pound from last week)
Weight to go to get to goal: 13.6 pounds

I still have a long way to go, but after this week, I feel like things are more under control and more possible.

I got in 3 workouts this week, including one today. I woke up today at 8:30 and we were at the gym by 10. It was a bit of a tough workout. Since it’s been getting colder and colder here, it’s getting to the point where the air is unbearably dry, and doing cardio while it feels like your nose and mouth are dry as can be? Not easy. After about 20 minutes on the elliptical, I started to get into a groove and just went with it, finishing out 35 minutes of cardio. I also went through a bunch of the weight machines and was quite happy to see that I’m getting stronger and able to go up in weights on several.

Strangely, when I woke up this morning, I had a ton of energy despite the fact that I had 2 glasses of wine last night and we didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. But then after the gym, my energy flew out the window and I feel dead. I really do think I’m getting sick so I’m downing Emergen-C like there’s no tomorrow. I really don’t want to be sick for Thanksgiving week!

I’m planning a post over the next few days on my favorite workout/high energy songs, so be on the lookout for that! I’ve got some good ones that I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard before.

Happy weekend!

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My favorite day of the week?

Friday is here! And that means it’s time for some more blog hops. After doing this for the past few weeks, I’ve found that joining blog hops is really fun… new readers come to my site and I get to check out a bunch more new blogs! If you’re just stopping in from one of these hops, I’d like to say hello, and welcome to the Ms. Marvel Project. My name is Lisa and I’m on a journey to get in shape and make my life a happier place.

This week I feel like I’ve been fighting off a cold or some sort of virus, but it hasn’t quite taken hold yet. I already got sick once this fall (right at the end of our Disney World trip… talk about bad timing!), so I’m not too happy about the prospect of catching yet another cold. But thankfully, Thanksgiving is only a few days away! That means a shortened work week next week and a free work from home day on Wednesday.

I have a lot to get done on my to-do list this weekend, starting tonight with some organizing and cleaning around the house, but I’m hoping it will be a fun one. D and I have a very packed December coming up with 3 or 4 concert to go to, all taking place in a matter of 2 weeks, his birthday, family get-togethers and of course the holidays themselves. It’s going to be exhausting, but fun.

For any new blog hoppers (or readers who have visited before), here’s a question for you: What was the last concert you went to and how was it? I need to get in the concert spirit! We’re seeing Tori Amos, Dir en Grey (a Japanese metal band) and As I Lay Dying at the beginning of December. I’m most looking forward to Tori.

Happy weekend!

young and restless

Blog Hops Everyday and A Mommy's Blog Design Studio Friday Blog Hop

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Counting down to the weekend

Today was an exceptionally long and tiring day. I had a ton of work to do at the office amidst meetings, a lunchtime workout and a tour of the new building we’re moving into immediately afterward. My team is moving to the building next door so before tomorrow night I will have to pack up my desk and all of my belongings so that the moving crew can transport everything over the weekend.

To make matters worse, I don’t think I packed myself enough food to keep myself fueled for the day because by the time I got home, I had a raging headache and no energy whatsoever. At least I got in my workout earlier, right?

So, an update on my weekly goals, for posterity:

– I haven’t had any alcohol or after-dinner snacks at all this week
– I had my allotted one lunch out yesterday (and kind of overdid it on the pasta salad)
– My one designated dinner out has not yet occurred, which is good because we’re planning to go out with some friends on Saturday night for food.

So far so good!

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Being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 16, which means for the past 12 years, I have been the only one in my family and immediate circle of friends who does not eat meat. I get by fine for the majority of situations I find myself in with food, asking for substitutions in restaurants when necessary and perusing menus to find things I can eat.

The Thanksgiving tradition my family has followed for the majority of my life has been to go to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner and family time every year. I’m very lucky that my aunt and uncle have come to understand and accommodate the fact that I don’t eat meat and no longer treat it like a phase or something crazy. The past few Thanksgivings, they’ve gone out of their way to make vegetable dishes and even some special stuffing that isn’t cooked inside the turkey. I’m never hungry on this holiday, that’s for sure.

But it hasn’t always been this way, and there are still some occasions when being vegetarian feels like being an from another planet. A few Easters ago, my cousin hosted a brunch. Knowing ahead of time that it was brunch, I didn’t think there would be any issue finding something without meat to eat (aside from sausages and bacon, almost all breakfast-y food is good, right?). Well, I was wrong. Every single thing they had included meat. My mother suggested I try the quiche… and lo and behold, there was bacon inside. The only thing I could do was pick at some fruit. I wasn’t happy.

Now that I’m a little older and I’ve started reading blogs of other people who eat like I do (or even vegan or raw in some cases), I know that there are options when a situation like this presents itself. The Fitnessista has had some great tips on this scenario over the years, the number one being that if you’re going somewhere that isn’t necessarily veg-friendly, make a veggie dish to bring with you so you’ll know you’ll be guaranteed to have something.

I’ve often thought about what kind of menu I would plan if I were to host Thanksgiving one year. D is convinced I’d want to make a tofurkey, but I don’t think I’d go in that direction. We’d have to have a traditional turkey because there would be so many meat eaters present, but I would want to make a huge spread of interesting, healthy veggie dishes.

Thankfully, I know I won’t have to worry about what I’m eating this year during the holidays.

Are there any out of the ordinary dishes you’re making this year?

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Halfway through NabloPoMo

Today marks the halfway point of NaBloPoMo. I have to say, it’s been challenging to find something to post about everyday without descending into random ramblings. But, so far so good! I haven’t missed a day yet (knock on wood), even though things have been getting hectic with the approaching holidays and D’s car problems.

To add more insanity to the mix, D’s birthday is also coming up at the beginning of December so the buying frenzy has begun.

To update you on my progress with the Ms. Marvel Project: Yesterday I woke up early to Zumba and had tons of fun. I’m really getting the hang of expert mode and I love the songs. I’m being a lot stricter this week (as I mentioned in my weekly goals post) about snacking and other things and so far, I haven’t cheated at all (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday), though there have been temptations. I’ve been doing this for well over a month now and have seen little to no progress on the scale, so something eating-wise has to change.


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Perspective from other places

After reading through my google reader this morning, I found there were several things I wanted to point you to:

1. Josephine from Secret Agent Josephine released her first published book today and it’s available for purchase! I love reading her blog entries and marvelling at the incredibly creative crafts she comes up with. If her books are anything like her blog as far as creativity is concerned (and I’m SURE they will be), I’d highly suggest you check them out if you have kids.

Here’s the official description from Amazon:
The ABCs burst brilliantly on to the page in this alphabet flash card book by blogger Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay. Children will delight in the colorful illustrations and simple text.
Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s are an ideal introduction to the alphabet — kids will love the pictures and parents will appreciate the thoughtful details and eye-catching illustrations.

Check out her book here:

2. While so many of us are thinking about weight loss and getting in shape, two amazing bloggers posted this morning with a different perspective on the whole concept:

Susan from the Great Balancing Act wrote a heartfelt and thought provoking piece on her perspective on weight after facing serious illness

– And Twenty Somethings also had a great piece on body image and perception that really made me think

Check out these posts if you have some time – they’re worth the read!


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Setting goals

What is it about Sundays that make it so hard to find motivation? I’m sure I’ve written about this phenomenon before, but it really is uncanny that every single Sunday ends up with this vibe. I was somewhat productive today – I got up at a reasonable hour and did 1 hour on the bike, rounding out my 4 workouts of the week. Then I worked on a project I’m undertaking to scan in all the pictures I took when I was a child/teenager. There are so many books and this has been on my list of to-dos for a while to make sure that these pictures are preserved no matter what. However, I’m going to be working on this for a long, long time so hopefully I can just chip away at it every now and then.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week was a little heavy on the fast food and it’s showing on the scale now. For the coming week, I’ve written out a meal plan and a few goals for the week. The goals are:

1. No alcohol until Friday night
2. No snacking after dinner until Saturday night
3. No more than 1 dinner out
4. No more than 1 lunch out

I think #1 and #2 will be the most challenging because when I get home from work after a long, stressful day, I just want to relax with some food and drink, but I know that if I want to reach my goals, I have to make some sacrifices.

What are your goals for the week?

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Too much takeout

Today has been a bit of a weird day so far, and certainly hasn’t gone according to plan. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I was going to do was head on over to the gym. However, D had a stomachache and we were planning to go together, not to mention the fact that something started sounding weird in his car on the way home from work last night and we had to fit in some time to take the car in today.

Instead of going to the gym, we took both our cars all the way to Sears, where we wandered the mall for an hour and a half while they took a look and did an oil change. Turns out, there’s a pretty major repair that needs to be done and he’ll be without a car until Monday. By the time we got home it was after 3, meaning we were gone for 4 hours and the day was half over. I’m not sure I’ll be making it to the gym today, but I may at least try to get on the bike. We’ll see.

This week was pretty heavy on take out, and I’m really feeling it now. We got takeout for dinner last Sunday, which then transferred over into many leftover lunches throughout the week, plus I had a lunch meeting at work where they served us Panera, and we got takeout from a local pizza place one night. That’s a bit much as far as calories are concerned. So, next week, I’m going to set a goal for myself of no more than 1 dinner out and 1 lunch out.

I’m also going to try to make myself a meal plan for the week, since I always do better when I have a plan in place. Our kitchen is stocked after a major couple of shopping trips this week so I should have no excuse.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and productive Saturday!


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It’s blog hopping Friday

It seems like Friday is always a great day to join blog hops, so today I’ve joined the ones linked below. If you’re just arriving from one of these blog hops, hello! Please introduce yourself in the comments and if you’d like, answer this question: What are you most looking forward to about the holiday season and what are you most dreading?

For me, I look forward to the family get-togethers since I don’t get to see my extended family very much outside of the holidays. We all catch up on each other’s lives and eat tons and tons of FOOD (another huge plus to the holiday season). Whenever we have a holiday party with the family, there is an obscene amount of food present starting the moment you walk in the door: cheese, pepperoni, crackers, stuffed artichokes, lasagna, meat pies, dips, olives, nuts, you name it, it’s probably there… and that’s all before the main course is served!

The thing I’m most dreading is the insanity of shopping and driving during this time of year. It seems that everyone and their mother comes out of the woodwork and fills up every parking lot before you can blink. Hopefully I will be able to do the majority of my shopping online.

Thanks for coming by!

Blog Hops Everyday and A Mommy's Blog Design Studio Friday Blog Hop

young and restless

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