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Catching up

I’ve been slacking a little bit with blogging in the past week or two, and it’s time for that to stop! I’ve been working way too much, but luckily my fitness plans haven’t fallen by the wayside in all the chaos.

I’ve decided to get back into the 100 Pushup Challenge. I had to quit the first time around because I developed some pretty bad shoulder pain and it wasn’t going away. But now it’s been a considerable amount of time and my shoulder hasn’t given me any trouble for a while now so I think it’s safe to give it a go. I left off in the middle of week 3 and that’s exactly where I’m starting now. Yesterday I did the week 3 day 1 workout and it went well.

I haven’t been completely pushup-free in between then and now. I just wasn’t doing them consistently and certainly wasn’t pushing myself every time to do more and more like this plan will do. I’m really excited to see some arm muscles coming back!

In addition to that, I’ve started attempting to run again. Running has never ever ever come easily to me. In fact, it sort of just feels awful whenever I try to do it and like my body can’t handle it. I want to change that!

I’ve done 3 or so Couch to 5k workouts, 2 of which were completed successfully and the last one… well, it was kind of a disaster. Maybe my legs were too tired from the long cardio workout I had done the day before, or maybe it was just a bad day to try, but I only got through 3 one minute running segments and my shins felt like they were on fire, even when I was just walking slowly. I couldn’t continue. Definitely a disappointment.

But! I’m not letting that stop me. The failed workout occurred on Monday and now today on Friday, I’m hoping to head out in a few hours to the gym to try again. I’m ready for this!

Challenging myself like with the pushups and running is something that really motivates me to keep sticking to my workouts and goals. I like having a plan – something I can put in my calendar – and then watching myself progress. This is especially true when it comes to things that historically I’ve never been able to do. Definitely the case with pushups and running!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S. and I hope the long weekend is put to good use!

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May goals

It’s the beginning of a new month and with the lack of motivation I’ve been feeling in recent times, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to set some new goals for myself that will take me further in the Ms. Marvel Project as well as in life.

1. <b>Start running</b>: Since I was a kid, I hated running. I even refused to play a friendly baseball game with some friends a few years ago because I was afraid to run, especially <i>in front of people</I>. But then a couple of years ago, something came over me and I decided to try the C25K program and I really liked doing something where I could see progress. I also quite enjoyed the idea of overcoming something that I could never do before. The only problem was that I wasn’t really doing well at it. I could only complete the distances if I ran at a snail’s pace and I didn’t end up finishing more than week 6 or 7. I want to give this another go and try to do better.

2. <b>Ramp things up on the blog</b>: My goal is to update more frequently, participate more in the blogging community and really begin making this blog into what I envisioned when it began last October.

3. <b>Work out at least 4x per week</b>: I’m usually very good at doing this, but every month to two months it seems like there’s something that comes up that completely derails me. In April, it was getting a monster cold, followed by having to work way too much. Consistency is very important if I want to reach my fitness goals.

4. <b>Become more confident at work</b>: The past few weeks have included a lot of shakeups at the office and it’s left me learning some things that are new to me and that will take some time for me to become good at. By the end of the month, I want to feel good about these new things and be able to work with them comfortably.

Are you setting any goals this month?

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Weekend in Review

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! But in retrospect, the weekend thus far has been pretty enjoyable and also productive.

Friday was an insanely busy day at work, which I welcomed for a change. Things had been a little slow previously, but now I have a bunch of tasks and a few things that really required a lot of thought, so I didn’t even take a lunch break that day. I worked through the whole day and got a ton done. It left me feeling great when the work day was over, even though I was mentally tired.

D and I stayed in that night and played our retro Sega games again. We’re kind of hooked. If anyone is interested, this is the collection we’re playing. It was nice to just relax and spend time together, because Wednesday and Thursday were actually pretty crazy days over here.

On Tuesday night, D called me on the way home from work to let me know that the oil light had come on in his car and apparently that can mean some really bad things (his oil was full, he checked on that first) so we almost rushed off that night at 6PM to go get it checked. Instead, he took my car to work the next day and immediately after we drove it over to Sears, where they turned us away because they thought it was an electrical problem, which they don’t deal with there. This was REALLY annoying, because we had to drive about a half hour to get there, in 2 separate cars, and we immediately after had to go to our regular Wednesday night obligation, completely discouraged and not knowing what we would do about the car.

Later that night, we decided on Thursday morning, we would take the car to the dealership first thing in the morning. They opened at 7:30 and we both still had to get to work on time, so we woke up at 6:30, immediately rushed off to the dealership and then came back to the house so we could get ready to leave for work. We picked it up that night (and got good news…. the repair cost less than $200 when D was expecting it to cost $1000), then did our food and alcohol shopping to get that out of the way.

So, in summary: a whirlwind couple of days.

Saturday, D and I went to the gym first thing in the morning and I did something I’ve never done before: I did a 5K on the treadmill! I ran and walked, so it’s not like I ran the whole thing, but I was able to run for 15 of the 49:38 minutes I was on. I also followed it up with a bunch of weights.

Last night we went to our first concert of the season. D is really into metal and this was a metal show for sure. It featured As I Lay Dying, with I Wrestled a Bear Once, The Ghost Inside and Of Mice and Men. When we go to a lot of metal shows, we have to drive a good distance because most of them are located at the Palladium in Worcester (for those outside of Mass: this is pronounced “Wooster”, or if you want to say it like the natives, “Woostah”). This is a 1 hour 15 minute drive without traffic, which means when you’re coming home after a show at 11PM, you want to die.

Anyway, the show was decent and D seemed to really enjoy it. Our next concert is this coming Tuesday, when we’re going to see Tori Amos in Boston.

I also made a TON of progress on Christmas preparations and also got to catch up with one of my old college friends on the phone. Today, I’ve already gotten on the bike for 35 minutes and now I’m catching up on the internet. So, all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the weekend.

How was yours?

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Magic Music

Well, Thanksgiving has come to a close and now it’s time to work off all those extra calories at the gym. I’m off to a good start… I just got back from a really intense workout!

D and I went to the gym together since we both have the day off today. I had next to no motivation to do anything when we first got there. So, to start I did:

– 5 minute warmup on the elliptical
– vertical chest press machine
– leg press machine
– hip adductors

Then my plan was to get back on the elliptical for a lengthy cardio workout, but I just wasn’t feeling it. At all. Instead, I went over to the treadmill and decided to just walk with some incline, put my ipod on shuffle and see if any motivation hit me.

To start, I was doing my usual: 5 minute walking warmup, 1 minute running, 1-2 minutes walking, etc. Then an amazing song came up:

It’s jpop and it’s the most high energy song you can possibly imagine. It was magic! I started running at the beginning of the song and didn’t stop until it was over. It was 3.5 minutes… the longest running interval I’ve done in a very very very long time. And it felt great! I was shocked, to say the least, that I was able to do it and feel so good about it.

Today was also my first day running with my new sneakers and apparently, based on those results, they were worth the purchase!

And because it’s Friday, I’ve once again joined up with the Restless Blog Hop:
young and restless

Happy Friday to all!

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The story with running

The weekend is approaching (yay!), and for some reason I’m seriously stumped what to do with my time when it gets here. Usually I have lists a mile long of things I “need” to do, but I must have had an incredibly productive week or two because the list this weekend is pretty tiny… which means I can actually do some fun things.

I think the first thing I’ll do is look for new running shoes. I’ve never actually had a pair of shoes designed specifically for running, but I think it’s time to look into it. Running is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do, but something that I really lack the talent/body type to be good at. It’s a huge challenge for me, but right now, I want to challenge my body. If I want to see change, I need to push myself. I walked/ran for a half hour at the gym last week (basically doing day 1, week 1 of the C25k program), and I did better than I expected. The treadmills at the office gym seem nicer, more stable and easier on the legs than the other treadmills I’ve used before. I’m sure that contributed to my being able to get through the workout without feeling like death and also to the fact that I was able to turn up the speed a little.

However, the sneakers I was wearing at the time proved to be a problem almost immediately. After just a 5 minute walking warmup and one or two 60 second running intervals, my shins hurt. At that point I realized that the laces on my shoes weren’t tied tight enough, so I paused to fix that issue and it fixed things for the most part. But I just feel like these sneakers, as well as every other pair of sneakers I’ve tried to run in hold me back and like I’ve got lead weights on my feet. I have in mind the idea to try to track down a sleaker pair of sneakers (unintentional rhyme) and will increase my budget a little, since I know that quality running shoes cost a good amount.

If I do find some good ones and I start feeling more comfortable with running, I’d love to give the C25k another shot. I did it once a few years ago and I got through to the 20 minutes of straight running after much, much effort. The only problem was, I was going at a snail’s pace. And when I say that, I’m not exaggerating at all. I’ve told people the speed and they’re shocked that you can even run at that slow of a pace on the treadmill without having to walk. I was clearly doing something wrong. Trying again would be really good for me. Someday, it might even be fun to sign up for a 5k. I’ve certainly never run any races before, but after reading blog after blog about running and racing, it’s something that’s seeped into my brain.

I’m sure I’ll do more this weekend than just shoe shopping, but that’s all I’ve got for now. Maybe I’ll try to finish one of the 5 or 6 books I’ve started this year but never finished.

Happy Thursday,

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