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We’re going to Vegas, baby!

D and I have been talking about going on a trip to Vegas practically since we met nearly 3 years ago. For one reason or another, we just haven’t been able to get a trip planned out and kept pushing it off… that is until now! In less than 2 months, we’ll be heading out west to gamble and take a week off from life. I’m extremely excited, as I’ve always wanted to go. For one thing, I’ve only ever been to one location in the west and that was a quick 2 day business trip to Seattle. For another thing, I enjoy casinos, playing cards, the excitement, the noise and the opportunity to eat at exotic new restaurants!

I downloaded a countdown widget for my phone and I’m letting this trip be a new goal for my Ms. Marvel Project. I want to lose at least 5 pounds by the time we leave. It would be great if I could do more than 5, but I’m being realistic here, based on how I know weight loss + Lisa ends up usually going.

Here is my new starting point:

Today’s weight – 147.6
Goal weight – 142.6

I have two months to do it and with some motivation and inspiration I know it will be possible.

Over here in Boston, it’s been pretend summer this week with temperatures getting up to almost 90 degrees yesterday. The drastic changes in weather have been taking a toll on me and I’ve come down with a bit of a cold, mixed with some lovely spring allergies. Needless to say, I’ve been sort of miserable as a result. I need this cold to go away at least a little before I jump into my new workout routine.

Anyone out there been to Vegas? Any suggestions for fun things to do while we’re there??

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Ready to recharge

Hello everyone, and welcome to your Friday!

It’s been a long week, filled with working lots of hours on very mentally challenging code. I’m glad I get to give my brain a few days off to recharge itself, and we have lots of fun things planned: D’s sister is coming over tonight for her birthday and sleeping over. Then tomorrow, my family is coming over and having lunch with us. I haven’t seen them since New Year’s Eve, so it will be nice to catch up.

We spent last night doing some last minute cleaning around the apartment to prepare for all our guests, and I did our food shopping as well.

Despite all the craziness, I did manage to get in 2 workouts so far this week (Monday and Tuesday), and unless something ridiculous happens in the next hour, I’m going to go and do workout #3 during lunch today.

This week, I got very fed up with my eating habits. It seems like no matter how much I WANT to eat well and avoid temptation, I spend every day arguing with myself about it and rarely win. So on Wednesday, I decided to do an experiment. I told D that I would message him everything I ate that day, as a way to keep myself accountable, and he would do the same with me. Doing that actually did work. For instance, after lunch that day, I immediately wanted a snack, but I though to myself that if I had one, I’d have to report to D. It stopped me from eating one!

However, this was only a temporary experiment. I was looking for a way to kick start a streak of “eating right”. Did it work? Well, I did pretty good yesterday and today has only just begun, so I guess we’ll see what the weekend brings.

As for weight? I’ve seen 144.8 a few times over the last week/week and a half (starting weight: 146.8), but it still fluctuates up a lot. I’ll do an official weigh in tomorrow.

It’s blog hopping Friday!

young and restless

Getting to Know You

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Bringing back the official weigh in

After posting yesterday, I thought to myself: Why not bring back Saturday weigh ins? I think it’ll be nice to have weekly accountability on the blog, so here are this week’s results.

This week’s weight: 145.4
Goal weight: 130
Starting weight: 146.8

Difference: -1.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 15.4

Looking at the numbers actually makes me feel better about things, because there’s actual progress there!

Last night, D and I did some furniture rearranging in the apartment. We bought a new TV stand for the game room so that we could move our old flat screen in there. It involved moving the old TV stand out of there, putting the new one in with the new TV and then taking the old TV stand and putting it into our bedroom and finding room in a closet for the old dinosaur TV that was previously in the game room. The whole project was a workout in itself and now our rooms look nicer and are more functional.

Today we went to the gym first thing in the morning, but the workout was TOUGH. It’s been really cold and windy here lately and as a result, everyone has been blasting the heat indoors. This made for some extremely dry air inside the gym, making it hard to breathe and causing my nose to be incredibly stuffed up. I guess that’s one of the hard things about being in the depths of winter.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

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Motivation through competition

While doing my daily blog reading today, I came across something awesome: a weight loss challenge! Over the weekend, I think I really realized how out of shape I’ve gotten and got pretty fed up, and what better way to motivate me to really do this than something like this, which will keep me accountable.

10 Pound Challenge

As I mentioned on Friday, my starting weight is 146.8. If I can get to 135.8 in 12 weeks, not only would I be happy because I met the challenge, but I’d also be ecstatic because I’d be in shape.

This weekend I did go to the gym twice with D and worked out hard both times. Today, I went home during lunch and did some more Zumba Wii, which was a lot of fun as always. I’m pretty happy with how hard I’ve been working, but of course it will be some time before I see anything happen on the scale.

Stay motivated and have a happy Monday!

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Getting back into things

Welcome to the 2012 chapter of the Ms. Marvel Project!

And I must say, this project is even more sorely needed now than it was when I started this blog. Apparently the combination of being sick for two weeks (thus being unable to exercise) plus all the holiday activities (too much food) has resulted in me gaining a few pounds and feeling out of shape. So things are beginning anew, and I’m planning to work hard over the next few months to meet my goals.

New starting weight: 146.8
Ultimate goal weight: 130

First mini goal: 143 by the end of January

This time last year I was 10 pounds lighter, and I guess this is a testament to the fact that my metabolism is not what it used to be in my younger days. I suppose that happens to everyone, but I’m determined to get things back into a “good” zone and make myself healthier.

So far this week, I’ve worked out twice:

– On Tuesday I woke up at 6:30 and used my new Just Dance 3 on the Wii to work out for 40 minutes. It was tons of fun, but I was NOT feeling good about waking up so early. I had very little energy and had to sit down a few times. I need more sleep to function well for sure.

– On Wednesday I made my triumphant return to the office gym during lunch. I haven’t been back there in a few months, focusing mostly on home workouts or weekend gym workouts, but it was sort of nice to break up the day by burning a few calories and listening to music. It was some much needed “me” time.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m hoping to go to the gym with D and really get things into gear.

I’ve got myself a new workout notebook for tracking and I’m ready to do this.

Do you have any fitness goals for the new year? How are you staying motivated?

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To all my American readers…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m off in about 2 hours to go see my family, but I wanted to check in and say hi. Also, some happy news (for me):
Today I weighed in at 142.2, down 1.4 pounds since this past Saturday! It’s the first time during this whole project that I’ve seen a significant loss, so I’m very happy to have some evidence that I’m doing the right thing.

Whatever you may be doing today, I hope you enjoy yourself and eat lots of good food!

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Energy highs and lows

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means? It’s weigh in time over here:

Last week I weighed in at 144.6, which was definitely going in the wrong direction after the past few weeks, so I set some pretty big goals for myself for the week to get my splurging under control. And the results are in:

This week’s weight: 143.6 (down 1 pound from last week)
Weight to go to get to goal: 13.6 pounds

I still have a long way to go, but after this week, I feel like things are more under control and more possible.

I got in 3 workouts this week, including one today. I woke up today at 8:30 and we were at the gym by 10. It was a bit of a tough workout. Since it’s been getting colder and colder here, it’s getting to the point where the air is unbearably dry, and doing cardio while it feels like your nose and mouth are dry as can be? Not easy. After about 20 minutes on the elliptical, I started to get into a groove and just went with it, finishing out 35 minutes of cardio. I also went through a bunch of the weight machines and was quite happy to see that I’m getting stronger and able to go up in weights on several.

Strangely, when I woke up this morning, I had a ton of energy despite the fact that I had 2 glasses of wine last night and we didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. But then after the gym, my energy flew out the window and I feel dead. I really do think I’m getting sick so I’m downing Emergen-C like there’s no tomorrow. I really don’t want to be sick for Thanksgiving week!

I’m planning a post over the next few days on my favorite workout/high energy songs, so be on the lookout for that! I’ve got some good ones that I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard before.

Happy weekend!

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Week in review

Today I had the great luxury of sleeping in, and I didn’t get out of bed until almost 10:00. I was strangely having dreams about working out and running. D and I had agreed to hit the office gym as soon as we got up, so that’s exactly what we did. I got in my 4th workout of the week and did a combination of cardio and weights.

Today’s weigh in was a tad disappointing, but I have to keep in mind that my body is changing – I can clearly see that when I look in the mirror and it has been confirmed by D as well.

Today’s weigh in: 143.6
Up 0.2 pounds from last week (essentially staying the same)
Weight left to lose: 13.6 pounds

I did pretty good with the goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the week. I didn’t have any alcohol Tues, Thurs or Fri (Wednesday I “splurged” on a light beer) and I picked out two recipes from one of my cookbooks to try out this weekend and got all the supplies when I went food shopping.

Time to kick the productivity into gear for the day… Happy weekend!


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Weigh In #3

Today’s weight: 143.4
Starting weight: 144.4

Weight lost: 1 pound
Weight left to lose until goal: 13.4 pounds

This weekend is packed with to-dos and we have to cram them all in to today before the storm hits tonight. First on the agenda is a new haircut, which is desperately needed. I haven’t cut my hair since the spring and it’s getting to the point where I just can’t stand it anymore.

I’m hoping to get in a nice, long workout today at the office gym. I haven’t worked out the past 2 days so I’m itching to get back over there, and if we’re snowed in this weekend, I suppose I won’t have any excuse but to exercise, right?

In honor of the weekend, I joined the Restless Blog Hop. Happy weekend and happy early Halloween everyone!

young and restless


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Ups and Downs

This week, it was much harder to stick to the plan than last week, which is not that surprising considering enthusiasm for a new project tends to die down over time. In fact, in my previous attempts to make-over my fitness and eating habits, the second and third weeks have proven to be the toughest. For the most part, I still stuck to what I had set out to do this week, with a few minor splurges here and there. A few confessions:

– I had wine 3 nights this week (1 – 1.5 glasses each time). While that doesn’t seem like a ton, it’s still extra calories, and they have proven recently that alcohol really does slow down weight loss.

– Wednesday was an incredibly difficult day, motivationally. Wednesdays are always hard because it’s the halfway point in the week, I’m tired, and we have a standing obligation Wednesday¬† nights after work. To make matters worse, the weather was disgusting that day (torrential downpours and gale force winds), and I woke up in a bad mood. When we got home Wednesday night at around 8, I wanted something off-plan for dinner¬† and nothing was going to stop me. We ended up ordering takeout, and I ate something with way more calories than I should have and instantly regretted it.

Being that it’s Saturday morning, I’ve worked out 4 days this week so far, which is a victory. I’m planning another workout today to round out the week. The meal plan I prepared on Monday sort of went out the window. I need to remember when I’m doing these plans that I like variety and eating the same old thing over and over again will sort of make me insane, and it will drive me to get takeout. Maybe it’s time to do some recipe research.

My official weigh in today: 143.6 –> down .8 pounds from last Saturday.

The frustrating thing? Yesterday morning I weighed 142.6. I think I’m going to change official weigh-in day from Saturday morning to Friday morning going forward.

It’s time for me to wake up over here and get moving with my day. Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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